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How can healthcare providers engage with patients to help them recover from pain and illness and live healthy lives? How do we get patients to follow our lead? Why is this an essential skill for all healthcare providers? Sandra’s keynotes are engaging and actionable. With extensive experience as a leader, business owner, educator and physical therapist, Sandra uses storytelling to communicate technical information with a personal touch. She will deliver the perfect keynote at your next event to enlighten and inspire your audience.

Executive & Business Coaching

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills or expand your business? Set the right goals, overcome barriers, develop a strategic plan, and then execute it. With her diverse background, Sandra offers a rich knowledge base for managing and growing a business. With your goals as the primary objective, she will help you become a leader in your field and reach your full potential.
“Sandra provides a unique perspective that leverages a personal touch to connect with patients, serve her community and change assumptions on how to lead in the new era of healthcare.”

Justin MooreCEO of the American Physical Therapy Association

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